getting started

It is kind of surreal to think that after all these years I am finally getting my act together with a proper blog.


I have really been waffling back and forth on if I really needed to do one of these introduction-type posts, but here we are. I am going to answer one question and one only in this post – the rest of my (truncated) life story can be found in the About section. So let’s get down to it:


I stumbled a bit trying to get my head around the why of starting a beauty and lifestyle blog in an already saturated market. Why write? Why review? Why put myself out there? Surprisingly enough, the answer came incredibly easy: because I want to grow, I want to have a voice about the things I am passionate about and I want to be more disciplined about both those things. I am not taking this venture on to capitalize. I want to curate my beauty/product knowledge and be proud of the site I am creating.

As I have done the leg work to get my space up and running I have been given a glimpse into the time, devotion and commitment that blogging requires. And frankly, I almost gave up before even getting to this point, to this post even. But slowly I am starting to see how I should be embracing those very scary things. They push me, inspire me and open me to new things – like fashion. I have started reading more, getting up early and can now feel comfortable taking my own photos for the site. I know those habits may not be for everyone, but they have really changed me and I couldn’t be happier.

Will it be a labour of love? Will I want to throw my hands up and quit from time to time? Will it an amazing journey? Yes. A thousand times yes.



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